Creativity balanced with application

We believe that the best solutions come from combining deep analysis and great creativity. We’re focused on producing strategies and materials that meet business needs. Planned well and executed to perfection.

We like to take in the view

Sometimes it can be hard to see all the options let alone decide on the right course of action. Not seeing the woods for the trees is something we don’t realise is happening often until it’s too late. We’ll climb the highest tree and take in all the issues, suggesting strategies and solutions that solve the right problems rather than creating new ones.

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Some kind words from peoplewe've worked with

Strategic, creative, technically minded and commercially astute (not to mention possessing incredible attention to detail), Kris has always been a wolf in sheep’s clothing in client terms.

Never in my experience have I met a client who is as holistically expert in and as passionate about digital as Kris. Every single brief we have worked on, no matter the size, has been challenging and that’s largely a result of his industry knowledge, attention to detail and his passion to create cutting-edge work with successful results.

Of Colour & Code provide the perfect blend of wider thinking about strategy with real attention to detail during the execution phase. Kris is very easy to work with and has a deep knowledge of his subject area.

Our core principles

Analyse the situation to get a brief that really solves the issues at hand.

Use the appropriate tools and techniques for the task at hand.

Deliver a creative solution based on a realistic budget.

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