NetChalets is a start up travel service connecting skiers and snowboarders with independent chalets and apartments. Before launching to the public they needed to demonstrate to chalet owners the benefits of being on the site, and at launch needed to be able to explain the site to holiday makers.

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Bringing a playful brand to life

We created an animated video for use on the website and social media channels, building on the playful identity and yeti mascot we’d created for the brand.

Two versions of the video were planned to enable NetChalets to pre-promote the site, then re-use the majority of the video post-launch. As simple change of the ‘coming soon’ closing message was all that was needed but planning this in advance saves additional editing costs later on.

Getting the most from the budget is very important for new businesses and so elements of the video were designed so that they could be cut out and used in shorter segments and as static elements for further social media posts.

Services covered:
  • Storyboarding
  • Concepts and scamp visuals
  • Design
  • Script writing
  • Sourcing voice artist
  • Sourcing and briefing animation house

Animation was produced by Wonderlust Media, based Nova Scotia, Canada. We’re firm believers in using the right skills for the job at hand and one of the great benefits of digital media is being untied to physical locations.